Cold brew is more than coffee. It's about an experience.

Fuel your epic exploits with Iron Mule cold brews.

Beyond coffee and water...

We started cold brewing coffee for Richard, our coffee mule, to pack into the Boise Foothills on hot summer days and offer trail-side cold brew to thirsty adventurers and weekend warriors. Very soon we began receiving lots of questions for where our single-origin, small batch roasted, and cold steeped brew might be found on the flat lands and decided to go into full scale production.

Sure, making cold brew is a seemingly simple process, but as one of the first licensed cold brew manufacturers in Idaho, our passion shines through in the details.

We start with curated coffee beans that are meticulously roasted to shine as a cold brew. Our water is filtered, pre-chilled and precisely dosed and mixed with our freshly roasted and ground coffees for an optimum extraction. After many hours of chilled steeping, we double filter, keg, and flush with nitrogen immediately to lock in the maximum flavor. Café Mule cold brews are never diluted with water and are brewed to a precise concentration for a delicious, ready-to-drink cold coffee

We offer our classic cold brew as well as our innovative Red Mule, a refreshing rooibos tea and coffee blend in 1/6 barrel sankey keggs, as still or on nitro. We offer full-service wholesale for cold brew including tap installation and set-up for any café, restaurant, office, gym, you name it.

So, grab some growlers, a cooler, and some friends and eagerly anticipate the adventures to come!