What exactly does Iron Mule do?

We roast coffee, and produce cold brew with specialty green sourced from all over the world and deliver it weekly to your office, café, restaurant, or home. We also lease/sell brewing equipment, install taps for cold brew, and get everything dialed in so your team or customers can enjoy great coffee day after day.

Why don’t you offer single serve pre-ground coffee packets?

In general these single serve methods make poor coffee, create waste, and in many cases can be more expensive than specialty coffee! Our freshly roasted coffee is just as easy to brew, serve and enjoy plus it won’t be sitting in a case under the sink for months on end.

How is your coffee different/what makes it better?

Wisit our “how we work" page to learn all about why our coffee is different

Can you grind my coffee?

Absolutely! For our office customer we do offer ground coffee. Since we are delivering weekly, your coffee will still be fresh and delicious even though it is pre-ground. We don’t recommend pre-grinding for larger volume wholesalers however.

How do I order and when will I get my coffee?

Our office service consists of an initial assessment and quote as well as a free, in-office taste test if desired. Once accepted you will receive a rotating selection of coffee every week. Accounts are invoiced monthly only for what was delivered! We will check your supply upon delivery and adjust accordingly to make sure you are never getting too much coffee. Wholesale price lists are available for café/restaurant customers and all orders are received by Sunday to guarantee a Friday delivery.

Do you co-pack coffee and cold brew?

We do! From co-branding, to custom blending, to recipe development you can utilize our FDA licensed facility and product development experience to expand or launch your own brand of coffee or cold brewed beverages. Please contact for details.

Will you serve coffee or cold brew at my event?

We love events! Please contact us with details for pricing and availability

Can I pet Richard the Mule?

Yes, but don’t approach him from the rear. It also helps to have a carrot or apple as a gift.

For any other questions you may have, please contact us! We’re very approachable, unlike Richard.