Cafe Quality without leaving the office.

Fueling innovation and collaboration at great Idaho businesses since 2015.

Office coffee can be excellent without breaking the budget.

At Iron Mule, our focus is to provide offices with the ability to brew truly great coffee in-house. We care about the experience of your employees, customers, and clients! No more productivity killing chain coffee runs or apologizing to potential clients about sub-par coffee.

We operate by these simple rules: quality sourcing, always freshly roasted, and simplicity in ordering and brewing.

We roast and deliver exceptional coffees weekly, offer a seasonally rotating selection (or just the office favorites if you prefer), and a subscription-based model which means you only pay for the coffee that was delivered and enjoyed.

Best of all there are no burdensome contracts plus you can add to your order or put it on hold at any time. Use your existing brewing equipment or let us install brand new, state of the art Curtis equipment for purchase or lease, including an initial set-up and dial in at no cost.


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