Frequently Asked Questions

Richard the Mule

How old is Richard?

The straight answer is that we are not entirely sure.  The consensus between our vet and other mule owners is that Richard is roughly 19-years-old.

How long can mules live?

Mules can live and work into their mid-thirties.  They tend to live longer than horses because they are just that awesome!!!

Did you own Richard before Café Mulé?

Richard joined the team specifically to serve coffee in the Boise Foothills.  It was a big career change for him and a leap of faith for the rest of us.

What did Richard do before Café Mulé?

Richard was a part of a sheep herding operation before Café Mulé and was used to pack camps and supplies.  Richard's last home was in Weiser, ID.

How much can Richard carry?

Mules are very strong!!!  Typically, though, they carry 20% of their body weight when packing supplies and up to 30% when carrying a rider.  As Richard is roughly an 1,100 lbs mule, he can carry a bit over 200 lbs and do it with ease!  

Will you ever get another mule to keep Richard company?

We don't anticipate needing more mules for our regular operations, but we would love to have a buddy for Richard (and a back-up in case he ever gets injured or sick).  We also just really enjoy working with these awesome animals!  At present Richard has some horse buddies he lives with, and we are focussing on growing the coffee and cold brew side of our business.  If we do well enough, though, another mule might be in our future someday--we sure hope so!!!