Great coffee starts on the farm. Specialty coffee only makes of the top 1% of all coffee grown worldwide and at Iron Mule we call on a strong network of coffee pros both at origin and here in the States to find and import the best coffee the world has to offer. We then sample roast and cup countless coffees in our lab to bring you anything from a perfect nano-lot to a great blender to perfect your house espresso

We also source with transparency and keep the social and economic welfare of the growers as well as the environmental practices at origin in mind at all times. As Iron Mule grows, our goal is to begin establishing direct trade relationships on a larger scale.

Here are a few of our phenomenal import partners. We encourage you to visit their sites to learn more about the social and environmental standards they practice.


Much like wine grapes coffee is, ultimately, an agricultural product. The soil, climate, altitude, varietal, and processing methods all imbue the coffee with unique sensory qualities specific to a certain geographical area. The roaster’s main focus is to not ruin the wonderful flavors inherent to each coffee bean but apply heat, airflow, and time in such a way that those qualities become the star. And then do it over and over again consistently.

We call this approach “profile roasting” because every coffee will have a unique set of parameters (gas pressure, time, air flow) at which it shines the most in your cup. No two coffees will be alike and even the ambient conditions in the roasting room can change the roasting approach taken.

At Iron Mule Coffee we strive for excellence and consistency in our roasting to ensure that you are getting best coffee possible week after week

Quality Control

Each and every batch we roast is evaluated by cupping, a standardized method of tasting, to ensure consistency and to make sure it's still true to the original profile batch after batch.

Let’s face it; we’re coffee nerds! As such we also measure the moisture loss, interior and exterior bean color, and total dissolved solids of the brewed coffee. The art of roasting is in the roaster's interpretation of which aspects of a given coffee to highlight, but the science is in ensuring repeatability and consistency. We take both the art and the science very seriously!

We invite our potential wholesale customers to join us in the roastery and lab for hands on cupping to taste the difference Iron Mule can offer!