Mule Train (Ironside & Café Mulé Rotating Subscription)

Mule Train (Ironside & Café Mulé Rotating Subscription)

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Has that mule been ridden before?  You don't know, but you are game to try!  

(okay, that was an analogy for coffee; we aren't going to ask you to actually ride a mule)

For the most adventurous spirits, we offer a rotating selection from all of our coffees, with a delicious bag delivered at the frequency you desire. 

One week it might be a single-lot, uniquely processed, single-origin from the Ironside line.  The next week, you might receive a tried and true dark roast blend from our Café Mulé line.  On occasion, we might throw in something totally experimental and yet to be released.

For truly intrepid swillers only!