FRIDAY, 19 May 2023 from 7:00 am - 8:30 am on Sidewinder Trail (just under the power lines) we invite you for a bit of adventure, a cup of freshly prepared Turkish coffee, and the opportunity to give Richard the Mule a good scratch behind the ears.
For this location, we recommend parking in the Military Reserve and accessing Sidewinder via the Reserve Connector and Crestline.
Google maps dropped pin for our serving location:


Our trail-side coffee is on the house (or technically, on the mule); just bring your thirst for passionately roasted and prepared coffee!!!  If you do feel like tipping (giving Richard some "hay") you can contribute by clicking below or sending Richard a Venmo (@richardthemule) or in person when you see us in the Foothills:



We are ever thankful for the generous support of our community at large and the private land owners who saw a vision, opened up their land to us all, and continue to help us create something truly unique.  Thank you!!!