While Richard the Mule remains COVID free, we began this spring cautiously and deciding not to attract crowds and gatherings through our community coffee services.  

As we entered early summer, Richard developed a lower leg injury--due to what type of mule shenanigan, we aren't certain.  At any rate, we gave him time to heal and gave ourselves time to assess the local impact of COVID.

The trails have become a needed refuge and place to enjoy a bit of freedom while still maintaining social distance.  Part of what we love about our trail services is that they bring people together on the trails.  Unfortunately, that would not be welcomed by many under the current conditions.  We respect that, and we ask our patrons to do the same.  We have chosen to wait until 2021 to launch our FIFTH season of trailside coffee service. 

We are ever thankful for the generous support of our community at large and the private land owners who saw a vision, opened up their land to us all, and continue to help us create something truly unique.  We hope to share coffee with you all on the trails next year.  Thank you!!!

Please come share a cup and some great scenery with us.

Our trail-side coffee is on the house (or technically, on the mule); just bring your thirst for passionately prepared nitro cold brew!!!  If you do feel like tipping or donating some "hay" you can contribute by clicking below or in person when you see us in the Foothills:


See you soon!