Colin Seeley, founder of Ironside Roasting Co. and Matt Bishop, founder of Café Mulé (along with Richard the Mule) joined together in 2018 after having built separate coffee businesses in Boise, Idaho in the preceding years.

Colin’s passion for sourcing unique coffees, meticulous roasting, and product development plus Matt’s affinity for cold brew, great business sense, and love of fostering strong community made the merger a no brainer!

We are beyond excited to share unpretentious coffees and mule shenanigans.

We support the local community through our free mule driven trailside cold brew service in the Boise foothills. We believe in creating a space where people from disparate elements of the community meet up and cross pollinate, while enjoying coffee and appreciating the beautiful outdoors. Additionally, a portion of our proceeds from all retail bags of Café Mulé and Draft Mule coffee go back to trail maintenance and conservation organizations throughout the West.



Colin Roasting


Founder of Ironside Roasting Co., COO of Iron Mule, Lead Roaster

Colin Seeley holds BS and MS degrees in food science from some pretty decent schools. After several years in product development, regulatory, and quality control for food companies big and small, it was time to set out on his own. Faced with a decision on what kind of business to start, Colin saw huge opportunity in coffee in the Treasure Valley and got to work. With his diverse background, passion for product and flavor development, and an individualistic spirit, all of the ingredients were in place to bring some really great coffees to the Treasure Valley and beyond. In his minimal free time Colin loves to drink coffee that other people have made for him, seek out the best baked goods (and bake), and play with his two kids, Gemma and Bjorn. Before starting a business and having kids, he also enjoyed to travel and hopes to do that again one day...





Matt Bishop is CEO of Iron Mule, Inc. and the founder of Café Mulé, a pack mule powered coffee service that serves free coffee to those who recreate in the Boise Foothills.  For years, Matt had held a vision of sharing coffee amidst beautiful scenery and in a venue that encouraged outdoor activity and served as common ground for all in his community to congregate.  In 2016, he decided to purchase Richard the Mule and make his vision a reality.  Through Café Mulé and Matt’s growing cold brew coffee operations, he met Colin in late-2017.

Matt was born and raised in Wyoming before attending and graduating from the United States Naval Academy.  Upon graduation, he served as a Marine Corps officer, living on Okinawa, Japan and completing two combat deployments to Iraq.  Matt left active service in 2008 to attend Georgetown's MBA program.  Upon gaining his Masters in Business Administration, Matt took a position as a Senior Consultant with Deloitte Consulting and also began service as an Army officer in the National Guard.  Matt was selected for Army Special Forces in 2010 and subsequently spent 22 months on active duty.  Upon completion of the Special Forces Qualification Course, Matt went on to serve as a team leader with 20th Special Forces Group, completing assignments in the Caribbean and South America before exiting military service in 2015.  Matt enjoys spending time with family and exploring the great outdoors, reading on many topics, and baking. He also is passionate about agriculture and loves to experiment with small grains and various rotation crops.