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Community. Passion. Flavor. Quality.

Iron Mule combines these attributes for a unique coffee experience.

Iron Mule Coffee and Cold Brew was created to weave the stories of great coffee, vibrant community, and fueling life’s adventures. Colin Seely, founder of Ironside Roasting Co. and Matty Bishop, founder of Café Mule, along with Richard the Mule, have joined together as Iron Mule Coffee and Cold Brew to be your one stop shop for all things coffee in the Treasure Valley and beyond.

Colin’s passion for sourcing unique coffees, meticulous roasting, and product development plus Matty’s affinity for cold brew, great business sense, and love of fostering strong community made the creation of Iron Mule a no brainer! We are beyond excited to share our products, teach about our process, and grow our business along with yours.

We support the local community through our free (tips and donations happily accepted) mule driven trailside cold brew service in the Boise foothills. A portion of our proceeds go back to the great people at the Boise Ridge to Rivers trail system. We also offer special coffee blends from time to time that benefit that, and other, local non-profits, as well as programs in the coffee growing regions of the world.