About Us - On The House (Mule)

We are passionate about the outdoors, our community (both the one we live in and building a very genuine one around our operations), and positivity above all else.  Oh, and we love coffee!  Coffee isn't just a drink for us, though, it is something that ties in its surroundings, enhances them, marks them for recall in our memories, helps us remember the social bonds we experienced while sipping.

The social interactions and bonds we have created around us since starting Café Mulé have been our greatest surprise, in their sheer volume and depth, and they are why we keep going.  We set out to provide a unique experience, an "event" for trail athletes and outdoor recreationists.  We saw our most unique feature in the fact that we were packing our coffee in by mule and serving on the trail--no one else we know of was or is doing this.

We wanted to bring forward all the things we love about coffee and the beautiful surroundings we live in.  We accomplished that, but we never imagined how many people from disparate backgrounds and disciplines would congregate around our trail side coffee service each week and just converse... really talk.  In a day and age where nearly everyone has a smartphone and often walks the streets with ear buds in, when you are more likely to discuss politics with a high school friend 1,000 miles away via social media than to even say "hi" to your next door neighbor... we stumbled upon a unique social community we didn't even know we were creating... and it felt great!

We recognized the rarity of what we had stumbled upon and decided it was worthy of true commitment--and worthy of giving our coffee away for free on the trails, so we never have to turn anyone away.  What was created as a side-event, has become a focus and is birthing a coffee company to sustain it.